Posted on Friday, January 27, 2012

Blue Smoke

While visiting (my favourite shop in Napier) I read a blog posted by Rakai Karaitiana about Blue Smoke, New Zealand's first recorded & released 'pop' song. As legend has it Ruru Karaitiana gave the origins of the song as follows: "We were on the troopship Aquitania in 1940 off the coast of Africa when a friend drew my attention to some passing smoke. He put the song in my lap," said Karaitiana.

I really loved the story behind the song & recently found a rare & original Blue Smoke song sheet on eBay. I love the considered, clean design of the song sheet & clearly the creative talent has passed down the generations to Rakai, who designs beautiful work from art prints to t-shirts.

Listen to the song, read the story & buy yourself (or someone else) a slice of superb New Zealand design while you are on the House of Aroha website.