I’m a creative digital strategist. I develop creative solutions, which are social by design & defined by relevance to the audience.

In 2005, I became my own task-master as the MINI Ambassador. A unique hybrid role providing creative & strategic marketing initiatives & sales activities for MINI New Zealand and their dealer network.
With loads of drive & the desire to ‘do my own thing’, 2008 heralded my own independent communications agency. A creative-centered studio, with the service of a strategy-driven agency and the value of a future forward communication delivered via digital & social channels. 
I’m a highly analytical, creative and technologically savvy crossbreed; a strategic approach allows me to determine the direction, audience & opportunities for a brand, product or service. Fused with a constant intrinsic creative craving, attention for detail to the nth degree & natural knowledge of many things digital, I produce plans & ideas with purpose (I sometimes refer to these as ‘brain babies’).
I believe that creativity for consumer consumption must be defined by its relevance to its audience and by its effectiveness. People have to ‘get’ it! And my approach to strategy is lead by being social by design, because social discovery is the most powerful, instinctive human behaviour.