A few of my quirks, traits & passions. Some of what defines & drives me.

I love; deco period buildings & Über sleek architecture, warm baths, all animals (nicknamed Amanda Dolittle), magazines with lots of pictures, the world wide web (I live on it), bunches of white peonies & steak with blue cheese.  

I like; art - in all forms that it takes, gardening, to make my bed with fresh linen dried in the sunshine, surfing eBay, Pinky & The Brain (cartoon), cars (but not just any car), people older than me (they have more stories to tell), all sorts of music, Canadians & Earl Grey tea.

I am; bluntly honest, very tidy (maybe a little OCD), the ultimate consumer & a sponge - I crave information (it fuels my ideas) & into technology & gadgets.

I strive to be an individual & encourage others to do the same. I have no desire to settle for less & admire others that are themselves and stand out from the crowd.

And, I can talk too much (not like gossip, more like grandiose ideas) - It’s ok to tell me to shut-up! (nicely).